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Hi Team, Today I am going to explain to you an extremely lucrative investment not many people are aware of Sports Trading.

I will be honest in saying, this is for the more advanced Matched Bettors/Investors who are ready to go from guaranteeing 2 figure returns to 4 figure returns.

If you are still a losing punter, or a losing punter in denial, or a newbie who has just started their smart betting journey, then I highly suggest you stick to our low-risk money-making systems such as The Elites System & CK Sports System: perfect investments for beginners.

Building wealth is a journey, and you need to understand when an investment is suited for you, and when it’s not.

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Listen. If you have been Matched Betting (or betting of something kind) you most likely very familiar with the pros, but ALSO the costly-cons. I know exactly how frustrating it can be. The accounts getting constantly banned. Low risk sure, but also low reward. Having to spend hours on end at your laptop to make a few hundred dollars and so on.

Now…don’t get me wrong. This money over time is an absolute game-changer. Much better than working a 9-5. I would be blatantly lying to you all if I didn’t admit Matched/Arbitrage Betting is the foundation investment I used to build my multi-million dollar empire in my mid 20’s.

Now, these days I still Matched Bet from time to time, but I am very selective with what I do. N BK Us, promo punting with 2nd/3rd back horse offers, and from time to time a bunch of SGM’s.

The reason I am selective is that my time is extremely precious to me.

Would I rather spend 1 hour making $40 Matched Betting or $4000 Sports Trading with a 7 figure bankroll?
Simple answer.

I don’t say this to brag at all. I say this so you understand my perspective.

Wait. I better slow down. I mentioned ‘Sports Trading’ but then suddenly realised you may not fully know what that is. And it’s not your fault. Sports Trading has been around for some time but has often been hidden from the general public. Somebody thought treating the general public like simpletons and hiding the facts from you was the right thing to do.

I’m about to blow the lid off that!

Trading is the concept of placing bets on a market at differing prices either in-play or pre-game, attempting to lock in a profit on all possible outcomes. It is a highly profitable and versatile process when mastered.First and foremost, Sports Trading is a calculated risk. We found a way to use irrefutable mathematics to take advantage of the changes of odds over the course of an event, to get an edge over the players who bet within the exchange.

As an event is taking place, and a team appears to be getting the upper hand, or the market is over reacting to certain events occurring, it’s your chance to strike, before the markets odds shift!

These simple methods have allowed me to legally ‘hack’ Sports Trading to create lower risks then traditionally gambling, high ceiling weekly profits. And I do it over, and over again.Like I did last week, making $4000 on this BBL Match!

Image may contain: ‎text that says "‎Scorche My Bets teams, competitions. races, and mor. Racing Greyhound Racing NRL Politics Soccer Sydney Thunder AFL Perth Scorchers Basketball Tennis Golf Cricket Match Odds Place be ¡Rules Win Only 2selections Thunder Matched: AUD 4,941,972 Matched 100.7% thScorchers $3,874.20 Refresh (Bet $20880 $15439 3.05 $16321 Markets Sydney Thu $32254 $25880 $11796 $17562 $16822 Popular $2533 Lay (Bet Agai $6745 Over Markets $7213 Runs Batsman Sydney Thun iRules Innings Mark... Back Bet info Matched Lay 5Runs 2nd Innings Matched: AUDO . Runs Rules more Back 山 Runs more Runs more 0Runs more لنن more more ن Runs 0Runs Runs‎"‎
No photo description available.

To put me in this position above I entered the trade with $7500. That means $7500 was at risk when I initially entered. Don’t think I am “punting” that $7500…I am an educated investor who understands when to cut my losses. It’s the thing that makes or breaks you in investments like this…DISCIPLINE, CORRECT BANKROLL MANAGEMENT AND NOT CHASING LOSES!

In this game, I was fortunate that before Mile even did anything McAndrew got an easy wicket followed by a quick run out of Clarkey. I entered this trade at 2.2, and decided to stay on for another wicket and within 6 Munro was caught.

How did you know when to enter?

No photo description available.

After this profitable trading night, I hit another one a couple of nights ago for a $2655 return!

Image may contain: text that says "tair.c pboo. Find team dinop... Bets My Rules ets Cricke Racing Sydney Greyhound Racing Strikers V Horse Adelaide Out Cash In-Play Odds Match In-Play 2 selections Strikers Adelaide $2,654.10 Sixers Sydney $2,654.10 Markets Other Popular Run Innings AUD 1st Matched. 30 Runs tad 35 tad rts Bash Sydney ket Big Strikers wenty20 Adelaide Sixers Odds Total Match Innings Runs Over 1st 1st Innings Total nnings Runs Over Total 2nd Innings Over Over 2nd nnings 10 Total 2nd nnings 10 Over 2nd Total Innings leted Match Tie)"

Now what I want to make very clear…nothing is guaranteed in trading until you have successfully executed the trade. Only hard work, analysis of the data, observing game state, and putting in the work will guarantee you profits in the long run.

When entering trades, you need FACTS and PROOF, which should be backed by EVIDENCE. It may sound complicated, but it’s honestly very simple once you get some experience under your belt.

Right now is the best time of the year to be Sports Trading.

BBL, NBA, and my personal money-spinner around the corner…AUS OPEN. The amount of money flowing through the markets is nothing short of INSANE.

Check it out tonight on the BBL…get up Betfair and watch the money being matched on the game + the swing in prices.

Anyway will leave it at that for this morning. Just wanted to send this email so you are all aware of the opportunities around the corner with Sports Trading.

Best of luck with your betting endeavours in the year 2021.

Keep Winning,
Cash Kings Betting + Evan T

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