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Now you are probably thinking to yourself, a 20k payouts sounds a bit unrealistic from a standard matched betting method, you only hear about these type of payouts from hail-mary multi’s landing, right? To some extent you are right, although middle bets are not just a ‘standard’ matched betting method, and very few punters & matched bettors take any notice to this area.

In this article we are going to cover the method that is middle’s, explain how a team member of the Cash Kings attained 20k, and how you can achieve low-risk payouts through the same method.

Before we dive in we should quickly mention that a $20,000 payout is obviously not attainable for everyone, although still possible. This was attained with a significantly large bankroll and years of experience. As a rookie in this area you can expect a couple hundred to a few thousand dollars profit depending on your bankroll situation, while running minimal risk.

Firstly, the method: Middle Bets.

Betting the middle, or middle bets, is a betting strategy that can earn you massive profits for very little risk. It is a forgotten gem that many people overlook despite the huge returns it can bring in.

Middle bets are closer to arbitrage betting than Matched Betting but you do not need to worry about getting accounts limited as middle betting is less common and therefore the bookmakers are not actively looking for it. It accurately depicts a punter’s betting pattern since line bets are extremely popular with those ‘experts’ that think they have it all worked out… haha.

A middle consists of two opposing total or line bets on the same market. This ensures you cover all possible outcomes making it risk-free. However, in this case you are not aiming to make an arbitrage profit from just placing these two bets. In fact, the majority of the time you will make a small 1–2% ROI loss. The huge profits come when there is an outcome that allows both bets to win… meaning you get paid out for both. How OXY, a Matched Betting veteran with 7+ Years of experience, who also provides us detailed data for Promos Paradise Plays, had a massive +$20,000 PROFIT hit, was on the NZ Super Rugby on Saturday night. Chiefs vs Highlanders.

Sportsbet was paying $1.97 for the Highlanders to win H2H. He then used a $2 line market on the opposing team. We are unable to provide the exact break-down of the bets to the public but as an Elite member you will have access to the Middle Bets module of the course (seen below).

That  Low-Risk middle bet created a situation where there are 3 outcomes that can make a profit.

A draw, or the highlanders to win by exactly 1 or 2 points. 

Sure if none of those 3 things occur, there is a small loss, but the reward far outweighs the risk on that bet.

 A bookmaker will give around 7-1 for either of those 3 outcomes to occur, which is obviously lower than the true odds of it occurring, hence how they make their profit margins.

But the middle bet has given odds of about 130-1, way over the bookies odds, and way over the true odds of it occurring. 

Let’s assume the true odds of it occurring are 13-1 (they are lower based on all of OXYS result data from his statistical database, but let’s be conservative plus also make the math easy), that means the bet is getting 10 times the odds of it occurring. 

That’s massive +EV. 

Think of it like this, a coin toss should be a 50/50 proposition. The odds should be 2-1 for either a head or tail to land.

This would be like giving odds of 20-1 for a head or tail to hit. If you put a dollar on heads, sure tails might hit and you lose your dollar, but at 20-1 for all the times your heads hit (which should be 50% of the time), your return from that far outweighs the losses.

That’s essentially what middles are doing. Trying to put the odds so far in our favor it’s not funny.

Like mentioned earlier, we were using a $2 line. Some of these are limited, but with a scaled operation it is not hard to get bulk money on these lines.

Even without that $2 line, the standard line was paying $1.95 too, which is still a great long term bet. A bookmaker will allow you to stake multiple thousands on these lines, without an issue due to the mug nature of these bets.

Obviously majority of new clients will NOT win $20,000 without a fair bankroll. OXY has had over 7+ Years of Matched Betting, and is the KING of these middle bets.

Just check out some of the insights he was giving us over the weekend below (he literally gave us this bet on a silver platter…)

OXY Gives us the Middle Bet ON A SILVER PLATTER that made him +$20,000

The Low-Risk Middle Bet HITS! Hillik wins his first middle bet. +$550 with $5 RISK!

OXY Helping Elite Clients understand Middles, while also providing his OWN personal plays.

As you can see above, hiliki21 only staked $560, and profited $550, with only a $5 RISK!

That’s what you call Betting Smart.

That’s what you call A Cash King outsmarting the bookies! So while OXY did with +$20,000, and Hilliki doing his first ever middle and profiting $550, a regular Elites member is not going to walk in and do that.

Even if you are not an Elite, and think you have a lot of experience in this game, I can guarantee you now, most of you reading this have never hit a $20,000 Middle Bet Before, or even bet on them!

Finding these situations requires a lot of time, dedication and knowledge: and that is where OXYs insights help in that chat.

With a smaller bankroll, there is no reason why the majority of you reading this could not have duplicated this bet and profited $550 with a $5 Risk.

We now have PROOF in our Elites Course of a +$100,000 PAYOUT ( While $5000 was guaranteed before the game even started) using the UPZ^2 Method, and now a +$20,000 MIDDLE BET PAYOUT with around a $400 initial risk, but a very high +EV bet as mentioned above.

You won’t find anyone in Australia with clients doing these sorts of numbers with EXTREMELY Low Risk. Since the launch of our mid-year sale, we have given you all enough proof that we are the real deal, and are in a league of our own when it comes to this investment.

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