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Once again, the Cash Kings are here to provide you with your weekly Matched Betting update and the most effective methods to make risk-free income in the industry!

🔥🔥Unibet Horse Racing Promotions🔥🔥

Our bankrolls are about to get a bit more padded as this week, Unibet has finally come to the party with the horse racing promotions for 2nd or 3rd placings. In an effort to one-up their peers, not only have Unibet joined their competition in offering this common promotion, they have increased their offer to $75 back in bonus bets, as apposed to $50 with most other bookmakers. This promotion is now available in races 1-5 at Rosehill and Caufield.

In addition, this Saturday for the first race at every thoroughbred meeting in Australia, they are offering a Unibet Uplift feature to use. To clarify, as mentioned in our weekly newsletter last week, the Unibet Uplift is simply a boost product, giving you boosted odds on every runner in the race.

You can take advantage of this promo by using the Boost method from the Elites System. In order to execute this with precision, we recommend keeping an eye on the odds with Unibet and Betfair close to the jump and trying to find a runner that has late money coming onto it, meaning you’ll likely receive a good discrepancy on your boost.

P.S. They are also offering FOOTY FILL UPS!

🔥🔥Sportsbet AFL 🔥🔥

All good news must accompany some less than stellar news; Sportsbet are still yet to upload their usual AFL 12-up promotion for this week’s matches, raising our suspicions regarding the longevity of this offer. We highly recommend our Promos Paradise members to place a couple of mug-bets on AFL matches this week despite an apparent absence of promotions. The importance of doing this cannot be emphasised more heavily, as if you have been targeting the AFL promotions regularly with us over the course of this season, flags may be raised on your account if you do not bet when Sportsbet aren’t providing these promotions. In saying this, there is still a minor chance that Sportsbet will upload the promotion in time, but at this stage it is looking very unlikely.

Their NRL promotion remains the same for this round, meaning all three games from Thursday-Friday are available for the 6-up promotion.

🔥🔥Underrated bookie 🔥🔥

Tabtouch – We thought we would shine a spotlight on Tabtouch this week, who have gained our attention for being comparatively relaxed with both their sports promotions and horse racing boosts. This means you can hammer both of these features for a very long time before you receive a warning regarding your account’s promo misuse.

This Saturday, Tabtouch are offering an additional 5 SuperPicks (their boost feature) to use at Race 1 at Belmont, Caufield, Rosehill, Eagle Farm & Morphettville. As usual, use as many of their boosts products as possible to create Risk Free Arbs.

🔥🔥Same Game Multi Promotion🔥🔥

In more minor news, TAB have also posted a same game multi (SGM) promotion for this upcoming AFL round. If you are lucky enough to count yourself as an Elite member, you would have recently seen our SGM strategy we posted, detailing how to use the SGM promotions to create a low-risk high-reward scenario. TAB’s SGM promo also has no minimum odd requirements, meaning it is another great bookie you can use to apply this strategy with.

🔥🔥NRL Payout🔥🔥

If you weren’t following last night’s NRL match between the Sharks & Cowboys, we posted a colossal Promos Paradise play that presented us with a shot at a $900+ payout if the Cowboys lead by 6+ at half time and then lost the match. Unfortunately, a missed conversion right on half time meant the Cowboys lead by only 4 points at the break. Despite missing the maximum payout, we still walked away with a $387 profit from this play, as the double payout occurred with Pointsbet (the 4-up promotion). This is what sets the Cash Kings aside from the competition; even when we miss on the maximum payout, we still position ourselves in the optimal position to gain our clients a healthy profit. Congratulations to all of our loyal Promos Paradise members who followed our play!

For those who want to gain some insight into the mind of a Cash King, below was our pre-game justification for the basis of this bet:

“This season, the Sharks have been involved in 4 games where the Pointsbet promo has triggered, in 3 of these matches they came from behind at half time to win, triggering the promo on their opponent. Additionally, the Sharks have also hit on the Sportsbet 6-up promo twice, where they came from behind at H/T to win on both occasions.

The Cowboys, on the other hand are the opposite, whilst they have also been involved in 4 games where the Pointsbet promo has hit, in 3 of these matches they lead by 4 + at H/T and then lost. The cowboys have also hit on the Sportsbet promo once, where they lead by 6+ at H/T then lost the match.

These two stats match up perfectly for this game, giving us a good reason to go hard at this one. Hopefully the match goes as planned and we all have a big night!”

If you aren’t apart of the Promos Paradise service, you can join via the link below and receive a 14-day free trial.

All the best for the weekend legends! 💪💪

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