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With the 2020 NRL season officially set to commence tonight, you will now see tons of promotions available from most bookmakers, such as the Sportsbet promo below. These promotions create exceptional value when utilised correctly.

Watch the below video to see how we profited $400 from our Promos Paradise play from the 2019 NRL season.

Below we have provided a quick Q&A on what Promos Paradise is all about, and how you can use to it profit from sport promos.

  • What is Promos Paradise? Promos Paradise is a low-risk sports promotion tipping service, where we send out bets for our members to follow.
  • What’s the big fuss about the NRL & AFL? The big fuss is, the more promotions available = larger payouts for our members. While Promos Paradise is profitable all year-round, it is no secret that we perform best during the AFL & NRL season.
  • What sports are covered? All sports that we can extract value from! During the NRL & AFL season, these sports will be utilised the most, but NBA, soccer and other relevant sports will still be used where possible.
  • So how do our bets work? We utilise promotions by betting on BOTH teams in a match, which creates double payout opportunities (meaning both our bets win). Any bonus bets that we attain from a promotion are turned-over into risk-free profits as shown in our training videos.
  • How often are bets posted? On most days of the week, and an increased amount of plays posted around the weekend.
  • Do the bets involve risk? Most bets do incur a risk of a few dollars, but as we’re betting with promotions, we will always profit in the long-run. So we won’t win every bet, but you will profit overall.
  • Are the bets backed by any statistics? Yes, one of the most experienced matched bettors in Australia, Oxy, provides a stats database which outlines the hit rate of each promotion. This helps us target certain promotions on particular teams based on these stats. This is very important in selecting the best games and getting the best bang for your buck.
  • How long will I take to follow the bets? Most bets will only take you a few minutes to follow, once we notify of a play, simply click the link to view it, and then proceed to place the bets on your betting accounts.
  • How much can we profit from the service? A couple hundred dollars profit per week is more than attainable, we can easily be profiting an extra $500+ per week just from our NRL & AFL bets. As seen in the images below, one single payout from a game can return us profits upwards of $500.
  • What time do the plays get posted? Plays are either posted the night before for earlier games that start around 6pm, or for games 7pm onwards, the plays are typically up within 3-4 hours of the match.

Check out some of our bigger payouts from the 2019 NRL season below.

There’s no doubt we’ll have another successful NRL & AFL season, so if profiting from sports in a smart low-risk manner sounds appealing to you, get involved with Promos Paradise now!


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