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Heading into the 2020 AFL & NRL season it was anticipated that the bookmakers would tighten up on their promotions, which usually occurs year to year. Early season there’s no issue with a lack of promotions, with just about every bookmaker offering a promo to entice punters to bet with. However once the initial few weeks are over, we often see a significant drop in the standard promotions available (early payouts, bonus back for leading and losing etc.).

Therefore to ensure Promos Paradise wasn’t stagnating and continued to improved, we introduced some slight changes to benefit our overall profits.

Firstly, the Same Game Multi’s (SGM), which were the major player in Promos Paradise results and success this season. While many average matched bettors may pay little attention to these promos, or use them in a low-risk manner to lay, we instead extracted the full amount of value by strategically punting SGM’s. And while the plays did involve risk, due to structure of the legs we were able to get a bonus bet back on majority of plays where we weren’t correct on the main leg.

Below are some of our larger SGM winners for the season.

Secondly, a more aggressive approach with the introduction of Promo Punting certain promotions, such as multi’s and boosted odds. While remaining low-risk with our plays is always a priority, we simply were missing out on value by not punting these ‘riskier’ promotions. This created another avenue to profit, which provided some highlight plays seen below.

And the third major improvement was the introduction of risk-free middle/side bets. Thanks to a number of bookmakers offering $2 lines, we were able to create risk-free opportunities to profit based on a specific win margin. These were sent via Telegram, and paid off numerous times throughout the year!

However, it of course the season didn’t involve winning every single week with no downswings. As the upside increased due to taking on more risk, so too did the potential for some minor losses. Late April we had one of just two losing weeks, although albeit very minor (-$2.50). However the very next week we bounced back with our best result for the year with $1,128 in the first week of August.

Overall, only over one losing month has been recording since Promos Paradise was created in early 2018, which was a minor loss of -$20 in January 2020. The current total profit sits at $35,722, with $9,356 profited in the chaotic year of 2020.

The good news for our current members, the profits don’t stop with the AFL & NRL. State of Origin starting on November 4th is the next big sporting event which will provide a ton of promotions as usual. In addition, NFL and EPL plays will be posted, as well as any other promotions that create value.

Overall, another great season of AFL & NRL despite the interruptions.

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In addition, our main attention now turns to the continuation of Spring Racing with CK Racing. The current results for October see 40.1 units profited from 118.5 units invested, with 33.8% ROI Staked. That’s already $2000 profited for $50 bettors (the minimum we recommend), or $4000 for members using $100 units.

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