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CK Racing

Following on from a huge weekend of +25 units profit last weekend, CK Racing is primed for yet another great weekend ahead. The bookies have continued on with their generous amount of racing promotions, with both Tab & Sportsbet offering all races at Flemington, Eagle Farm & Randwick. CK Racing will put these to good use tomorrow, with majority of our selections being backed by these promotions which provide a form of a safety net if our selection doesn’t happen to win.

As you can see from our Lifetime Results, a Top 3 Strike Rate of 53.9% means majority of the time our selection is winning or placing 2nd or 3rd. From the 2nd or 3rd placing, we only lose a maximum of 20% of our stake (a $20 loss from a $100 stake) thanks to the bonus safety.

Be sure to check-out CK Racing if you’re looking for a different, low-risk approach to profitable horse racing tips.

Promos Paradise

Promos Paradise is coming off a great round, with over $600 profit attained in Round 3 of the NRL, and last night we kicked off Round 4 with a total of $74 profit with no risk involved!

Currently, we have two low-risk plays up for tonight’s action and will have a Same Game Multi posted for members closer to the match.

For non-members, Promos Paradise is your ideal starting point if you only have a couple hundred dollars to use as your bankroll. All the bets are low-risk and only take a few minutes to follow.

AFL’s Return

In more good news, there’s now only 6 days remaining until the AFL returns, with a blockbuster match between Collingwood & Richmond set to kick-off Round 2 on Thursday night. We should see majority of bookies offering promotions, many of which will be the same promotions offered prior to the seasons break.

Meanwhile, the NBA return date has recently been finalised, with the league resuming regular season matches on July 31st. While the regular season games may not see many promotions offered from the bookies, we should see a few offers uploaded once the playoffs start.

Make sure you’re in the Facebook Group, where we post free competitions weekly, and free bets that guarantee a profit. Tomorrow, we’ll have a post on how you can make risk-free profits from racing promotions! As always, we offer plenty of free content too, click HERE if you’re looking to get started with no strings attached.

That’s all from us this week, with plenty of profits up for grabs, make sure you’re getting involved one way or another! If anyone needs a hand getting started, be sure to reach out below, cheers.


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