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Sometimes you gotta cool off from all the hard work you are putting into your empire.

Yesterday, for the first time in what felt like years, I decided to take a Sunday off…well tried to.

When I got home and saw the BBL was about to start, I just couldn’t resist.
After executing my pre-game analysis (which turned out to be on point), it was an EASY +$1347 in a couple of hours.

Once the trade was entered, it wasn’t much work TBH. Just was a waiting game. (Bottom of the article you will see me analyse the trade)


Before I even started trading last night, I knew what my approach was.
It wasn’t to sit around all night trying to execute multiple trades with high stakes.
It was to execute one trade at a lower-medium stake level and leave it at that.Why?
Well, I was pretty exhausted yesterday. Running around in the bush all day in the scorching hot sun – it gets to your head.
I knew I wasn’t in the right mindset to be sitting around all night running the numbers and watching the game with an eagle eye – so I adjusted my strategy to suit my situation.Note – adjusting your strategy to suit your situation.
It’s what I love so much about Sports Trading as an investment.
Yes, at times it’s like taking candy from a baby…
But the flexibility is what I love the most.
Not only can you do Sports Trading pretty much whenever you please ( every single day, and nearly every single hour there are opportunities in the market – unlike Matched Betting where you have to WAIT for certain events which have promotions attached to them), but you can choose how you want to approach the trading session.
Maybe you are in it for a quick in and out at the start of the game, maybe you are in it for the full game, or maybe you get home mid-game and decide to give it a whirl then.

Whatever it is, Sports Trading offers you that flexibility.

Now, let’s get into this trade.

👉The classic Stars vs Renegades matchup brought a classic and relatively standard trading approach to the table. After assessing both teams pre-match, and following their performances combined with their rosters, it is safe to say that the Melbourne Stars have the upper hand.

👉The Stars are poised for a finals spot, with a barrage of runs being attained in their last match versus the Adelaide Strikers; we know that the Stars have a loaded batting line-up and can factor this into our trading decision making.

👉On the other hand, we have the Renegades who are in a mess, with their team clearly in disarray when their own captain is calling his team out for being terrible!

👉The trade strategy going into the trade was to try and secure some level of profit on both teams. We believed the Stars to have both the stronger batting and bowling line-up, so the aim was to take a price above evens on the Stars and look to trade out at some point later in the match; once the Stars had secured some form of lead whether that be in the first 3 overs or in the second innings!

👉We also have some level of security on this trade as – EVEN if the Stars allow the Renegades to pile on the runs in the first innings of the match, we can be reassured with the batting power in the Stars line-up to pose a substantial threat and thus act as a sort of backing we can rely on to enter our trade.

👉In this specific scenario, the Renegades got off to a nice start looking at a score of approximately 80-85 runs in the first 10 overs. This pushed out the Stars’ price to 2.25, which I decided to take based on my pre-match research and game predictions. Wickets came soon after, pushing the Stars’ price down to 1.5 where I looked to lay off my original entry of $2,000. I did underlay however, securing profit on both sides whilst leaving more profit potential on the side of the Stars as I deemed them more likely to win, simply based off form and team analysis (all covered in STAS). As we can see this ended up working out in my favour as the Stars took home a comfortable victory as predicted.

Does the above interest you?

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Keep Winning,
Evan T + Cash Kings Betting

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