Founded in early 2017 by one of Australia’s most renowned professional horse punters, Evan Tsaboukos, The Cash Kings has fast become Australia’s go-to destination for online money making investments including Matched Betting, +EV Punting, Forex Trading, Cryptocurrency Trading and Mining Rigs.

Evan Tsaboukos

Director/Founder of The Cash Kings

Callum Cameron

Director/Owner/Co-founder of Miningstore

William Wright

Director/Owner/Co-founder of Miningstore

Anthony Fernandez

Co-Founder of Forex Kings

After initially starting as a Matched Betting business and having huge success for all clients, The Cash Kings came up with the vision to create a unique destination which catered all investment types that showed Australian’s it is possible to make money online with three crucial components;


The Cash Kings ensure that there is always a fully qualified investor in every service they offer to ensure clients always receive the highest level of service and advice.


Since their first secret Facebook group with 7 clients, The Cash Kings has grown to over 5000 clients Australia wide.


Evan, Callum & William are very proud of the company’s ability on making an impact on individuals lives and teaching them about the path to financial freedom.